Cheesy Chilli Melt Recipe

Recipe of the Month in July – Cheese & Chilli Melt

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250g Strong Cheddar (Grated)
4 Tomatoes (Roughly Chopped)
1 Red Chilli (Deseeded and Finely Chopped)
8 Tortillas
Half pack of Fresh Coriander (Roughly Chopped)


Step 1: Put the cheese, tomatoes, chilli and coriander into a bowl with some seasoning, then mix well.
Step 2: Warm the tortillas in the microwave according to pack instructions.
Step 3: Divide the cheese mix over one half of each tortilla, then fold over the other half to make 8 half-moons.
Step 4: Brush the tops with a little oil, then sit them oil-side down, in a pan.
Step 5: Cook for a couple of minutes, then brush the uncooked side with oil and flip over for another few minutes until both sides are crisp and golden.

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