Decorating Tips – Personalising Your Room

Adding some personal touches can quickly transform your student apartment into a cosy home away from.

We’ve got some easy tips on decorating your student space without spending too much money.

Adding Colour

Invest in a few sets of new bedding; having two sets allows you to manage having to visit the Laundry Room every week, and choosing two different sets with a pop of colour that suits your style can bring your room to life, and make it feel like home.

To make it feel super cosy, you could buy some scatter cushions and a throw to match!

A Statement Rug For Your Bedroom Floor

Choose a patterned or colourful rug for your new room to add to that cosy feel. Not only will it give your feet a treat in the morning, but it can also complement your personality and the style of your room.

Details for Your Desk

Make your desk a fun place for your studies with a few simple accessories. You could add some unique photo frames filled with photos of family and friends, and some small plants (or faux plants if you’re not the best at remembering to water it!). There are lots of charity shops in Preston – see what bargains you can pick up.

Decorate your Notice Board

Notice boards provided in your room and kitchen are ideal for adding colour and personalisation through photos, postcards or small posters and flyers. Plus, adding decor to the noticeboard (and not the walls) means you won’t be breaking your tenancy agreement!

Brighten your Day with Flowers

Colourful flowers can add vibrancy to any room – and they don’t have to be real, you can get some wonderful faux bouquets at shops like The Range.

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