My washroom small light above the mirror isn’t working, kindly can you please replace one.

Thank you:)


One pipe of the kitchen sink is leaking. Kitchen floor is already wet and Its continuously dropping water through the pipe leak. Please take necessary actions to fix the problem as soon as possible.
Thank you.


Water is leaking from bottom of shower handle and pipe has nearly come out . Could you please look into this.


When I was showering today , again my shower broke..can you please look into the same at the earliest.


Room 02 B04 flat, In my washroom the water in the shower is not flowing proper, I think there is issue with the pipe.
Kindly assist with the same at the earliest


One of light is not working and my bathroom is not working as well


Shower in my toilet is out of order.please come and fix it


The wash bason is partially blocked.
It had a block from the beginning, but it was ok. Now its severe because the water gets filled up in the bason in an instant.