Navigating Clearing 2023

A Level Results Day is just around the corner for English and Scottish students.

You might be waiting for your results to know what offers you’ve received from universities, or you might have decided later in the year that university is the path for you.

Either way, preparing for Clearing is a good idea – for some, it can be a second chance at enrolling in a university course in September.

So, what is Clearing?

Clearing is the process that universities use to fill any remaining spaces they have left on their courses after results day.

The Clearing process is ideal for student who may not have received a placed on their Firm or Insurance choice, for students who have decided not to go ahead with their Firm or Insurance course, or for students who have decided to go to university after the application deadline has passed earlier in the year (June 30th).

How do I Access Clearing?

Clearing can seem like a stressful process, but using the UCAS Clearing Plus tool can make things seem much simpler. It’s available in the UCAS Hub and is simple to use; the Hub looks at your original choices and matches you to similar courses by looking at other universities offering that course, as well as courses that are very similar to your original choice.

Alternatively, you can search for courses that are available through Clearing directly by using the UCAS Clearing search tool.

All you need to do is express your interest in a course and the university or college will contact you regarding next steps.

It’s advised that you do this quickly, as Clearing courses can be competitive and fill quickly.

How do I Arrange Accommodation if I’ve got a Place Through Clearing?

Once you are offered a place through Clearing, you can add the Clearing course as your choice and start preparing for the next steps.

If you have chosen to live away from home, the next step is to search for student accommodation.

Student halls are a popular choice for first-year university students; you can either choose to live on campus with your university provider (if that is an option) or you can look around for privately built student accommodation.

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We wish you the best of luck for A Level Results Day 2023.

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