You said… we did! Improvements at The Warehouse Apartments

Warehouse Students has been managing The Warehouse Apartments for almost 10 months, and in that time we’ve made lots of changes – both big and small.

We thought you might be interested to know just what enhanced services you can now enjoy while living at The Warehouse Apartments.

Keep checking back here for updates – we’re making changes that you might not even notice every single day, and will share here for you!

Improvement #1 – Block B External

You said: “The ramp at B Block is too dark.”

We did: We installed new lighting by Block B to illuminate the external area.

Improvement #2 – Inner Courtyard  

You said: “It’s too dark in the inner courtyard.”

We did: We installed new lighting by Block A to illuminate the external area and inner courtyard area.

Improvement #3 – Steps at Laundry Door

You said: “The steps at the Laundry Room door are not visible.”

We did: We installed anti-slip yellow lines to the steps.

Improvement #4 – More Events

You said: “We want to see more events.”

We did: We implemented a busy social calendar, with three events and competitions every week.

Improvement #5 – Home Room Vibe

You said: “The home room isn’t welcoming enough.”

We did: We installed new blinds to replace the broken ones, built a kitchenette area to enjoy drinks and refreshments, created a book station, removed the old décor and replaced with new modern fixtures.

Improvement #6 – Pool Table Cost

You said: “We have to keep paying for the pool table.”

We did: We purchased a brand-new pool table that is now free for residents to use at any time, with regular pool tournaments for your chance to win prizes and vouchers.

Improvement #7 – Improvements to Information Sharing

You said: “I often miss information regarding the building and events.”

We did: We introduced monthly email updates outlining the upcoming events and updates, with said updates also shared on the notice board in reception.

Improvement #8 – Unsafe Bridges to Blocks B-D

You said: “The bridge to block B C and D are slippery.”

We did: We applied anti slip paint, and the bridge decking will be replaced in March 2024.

Improvement #9 – Mixing Students and Professionals

You said: “As a student, I don’t feel comfortable sharing my apartment with non-students.”

We did: We introduced a new system to automatically allocate students and non-students in separate apartments, and introduced further options including selecting a same-sex apartment.

Improvement #10 – Loneliness

You said: “I feel lonely and have nobody to talk to.”

We did: The new onsite team is trained to enhance the wellbeing of our residents, and is available when you need help in reception.

Improvement #11 – Bike Storage Rack

You said: “I don’t feel the bike rack is safe enough.”

We did: In March 2024 the location of the bike storage rack will move to the front side of the building and will be protected by a 24/7 CCTV system.

Improvement #12 – Unclean Shared Kitchens

You said: “The kitchen in my apartment is always dirty and I feel I cannot use it.”

We did: We have implemented bi-weekly kitchen inspections to help resolve any issues with residents not keeping their shared spaces clean and tidy.

Improvement #13 – Dirty Block Stairwells

You said: “The stairwells are dirty and not kept clean.”

We did: Our new, dedicated house-keeping team has drastically improved the upkeep of common areas.

Improvement #14 – Fault Schedule & Maintenance

You said: “Faults are never fixed.”

We did: Our dedicated maintenance team uses a priority list to prioritise incoming maintenance logs. Residents can easily and quickly log requests via their online student portal.

Improvement #15 – Anti-Social Behaviour

You said: “There is always anti-social behaviour in the building.”

We did: The implementation of our strict anti-social behaviour policy, with an out-of-hours security team on-hand for any escalated incidents.

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